The Easiest Free Web Development Tools

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The classic Apache, MySQL, and PHP stack are still famous for developer machines. These stacks offer package managers and command-line interfaces. This makes them familiar with Python and PHP developers. There is also an easy-to-use, free local development environment called MAMP. However, if you prefer something more advanced, you can opt for the premium version of MAMP. Knowing that MAMP is a great tool is essential regardless of your preferences.


Fluid is a free online tool that allows you to prototype your ideas in just a few minutes. It also allows you to share your designs with others. The great thing about FluidUI is that you don’t need any coding experience to get started. Its drag-and-drop editor and collaborative features make it easy to collaborate with other people.

Using fluid, you can build professional-looking prototypes within minutes. Its extensive library of over 2000 built-in components makes prototyping simple and quick. The platform also allows you to add interactivity to your prototypes with a few clicks. In addition, Fluid UI comes with a collaborative prototyping tool that will bring your entire team together under one working environment.

Another free tool is Balsamiq, a rapid wireframing tool that helps you connect your screens and create a user flow. It allows seamlessly linking screens together and creating an effortless flow through a website. Balsamiq is only for low-fi prototypes, but it’s an excellent tool for wireframing.

Aside from Sketch, Fluid UI is another free tool that helps you design your website. It has many plugins that help you build different pages for your site. It’s a popular tool for creating website prototypes and complete designs. It has over 2000 design elements and widgets to help create an excellent interface.


If you’re a beginner or are just looking for a more advanced web development tool, you can download some free tools that can help you. Free tools are good for learning the basics of web design, but they may become outdated as you get more advanced. Investing in a good agency can help you build a website worth your time.

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Framer X is a rapid prototyping tool that allows you to make high-fidelity prototypes. It generates React components on the fly and supports complex animations. It has an interface similar to Sketch but is more powerful and has more options. It also includes premade details, which will help you quickly turn your design into production code. If you’re a beginner, this tool is one of the best options.

Novi Builder

Novi Builder is a free web development tool that provides a drag-and-drop web page builder. It has several built-in tools and elements and a code editor for customizing your design. Novi Builder is a code-oriented application with many useful features that can be useful to new and experienced coders.

The interface is simple and easy to use, with an interactive dashboard. Novi Builder also comes with premade templates and allows you to import and customize existing HTML sites. It’s an excellent tool for developing websites and serving clients. Unlike most web builders, you can customize the templates and design to your specifications.

You can customize your website’s layout, font, colors, and SEO with Novi Builder. You can even upload your favicon. It also includes many features, including social media integration and user data. Additionally, you can customize your layout, font, and SEO and add references to custom scripts. The builder also offers a mobile design so visitors can view your site on any device.

Novi Builder’s drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to customize and maintain your website with just a few clicks. This software allows you to edit content directly in the editor and save presets, so you don’t have to learn to code. The visual editor also eliminates switching between a preview and an HTML editor. As a result, you can see your changes before going live.


GitHub is a free online project management tool and is widely used by web developers. The program is free to use and offers many features, including version control. It has a centralized repository of code and provides easy-to-use APIs. For example, you can create a website with one click and share it with other users. It is also available for Windows and Mac.

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GitHub is an open-source, cloud-based Git repository hosting service with a graphical interface. It has a free version includes 500 MB of storage space and unlimited collaborators. Paid plans are available for more advanced features, including GitHub Copilot, an AI-driven tool that suggests completions based on your coding style. Users can also set up unit tests for their projects. In addition, users can assign up to 10 people to work on issues and pull requests. Additionally, GitHub offers a text editor and bug-tracking tools.

GitHub is also free to use, but you need an account to sign up. A free version offers unlimited public repositories, bug tracking, and project management features. There are limits to the number of collaborators you can have for private storage, but these are minor issues compared to the benefits GitHub provides.


MAMP is a great way to create a local development environment and start developing websites. It allows you to run PHP applications on your local machine, and there are plenty of other valuable features to explore. It lets you use different languages, such as Ruby on Rails and Python.

Another feature of MAMP is the ability to create snapshots. Snapshots are like backups; they can be used to save your progress and share it with others. Images are not tied to a particular installation of MAMP Pro and can be shared between teams.

Another helpful feature is the ability to use Docker. Using containers lets, you quickly set up a local development environment on a host machine. You can then commit changes to the container and sync the changes to other team members. This feature can be beneficial if you collaborate on multiple projects.

While MAMP is excellent for local development, there are better alternatives that give you more control over your development environment. For example, DevKinsta and Vagrant offer a more user-friendly interface. These alternatives are also great for setting up local sites and pushing them live without additional cost.

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Bootstrap Studio is an easy-to-use desktop application for creating responsive websites. It includes pre-installed responsive components and exports clean semantic HTML codes. Another tool for creating responsive websites is Webflow. It combines a visual website design tool with content management and marketing tools. Users can customize a layout with a drag-and-drop interface. It even has a mobile version.

Screenfly is another responsive website-testing tool. It offers different views for different devices and allows you to change the size of the display. It also has options to disable scrolling and rotate the display. To use this tool, enter the URL of your website, choose the device and screen size, and click ‘view on. BrowserStack is another tool that allows developers to integrate several tools for testing websites. The cloud-based platform will enable them to run tests on multiple browsers and devices.

Another free responsive testing tool is Responsinator. This tool lets users determine whether a website looks responsive on the most popular devices. This tool supports both landscape and portrait views.

Wix Corvid

Wix Corvid is a free web development tool that is built into Wix. It allows you to use a web module to test new features and page layouts before releasing them live. It also offers a variety of valuable tools for monitoring your Wix site. The tools available include error logs, console logs, and HTTP functions.

You can customize many features with Wix, such as text, fonts, images, and links. You can even add your videos and pictures. Alternatively, you can use Wix’s library of free images. There are even simulated mobile screens to see how your site will look.

Corvid on Wix provides developers with a complete set of tools for developing advanced web applications and websites. It is currently not ready for production use, but it can help you build robust applications without the need to manage servers. Developers can take advantage of the platform’s JavaScript-based API and use it to develop advanced web applications.

Wix also offers a free trial, so you can try it out before deciding to use it for your project. The Wix Corvid is an excellent way to create a website without coding experience.


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